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Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF

Latest Progress:   3/7/2013 The Kitfox is getting another annual condition inspection. Time on the aircraft is 980 hours.

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Kitfox Series 6

The Purpose Of This Site

My name is Bill Hammond. I am publishing this site to chronicle my progress as I attempt to build my own aircraft. The site will grow and the links expand along with the project. This site will serve as a record of construction and a forum to express my opinion.

I've got a quick confession up front. I'm not a graphics designer, so don't expect this site to win any awards for its overwhelming beauty. I'm attempting to keep the file sizes low (all graphics are presented as thumbnails which link to the full sized picture) to provide the fastest page downloads. Additionally, take a look at any of the web page source codes. These pages were all manually produced on a text editor. Any automation present uses PERL. I chose not to use a GUI web development program because I like to see how everything works. [Maybe this trait will serve me well as I build my aircraft.]


The construction methods and opinions documented on these pages are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the only way (or indeed the correct way) to build an aircraft. Pay attention to them at your own risk.

Suppliers, sources, and organizations that have been helpful with this project

Experimental Aircraft Association Kitfox Aircraft Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Sportair Workshops Aircraft Spruce
EAA Chapter 301 Grizzly Industrial Tools Federal Aviation Administration EAA Airventure (Oshkosh) Kitlog Builders Log
'Lectric Bob Airparts

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